Web map services

With those services, you can access the most recent SIGÉOM data to create personalized maps. These data can then be integrated into a GIS software (QGIS, ArcGIS, GeoMedia, MapInfo, gvSIG, etc.).

This WMS technology can be accessed at no cost and without restrictions according to the terms of the license (PDF - 31ko).

The SIGÉOM Web map services respect the specifications defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) (http://www.opengeospatial.org/).

Sections 3.5 (QGIS) and 4.4 (ArcGIS) of the Guide pas à pas - Maîtriser les données SIGÉOM (French only) describe the steps to integrate SIGÉOM data into a project from the cartographic Web service.

Maximum map dimensions

The SIGÉOM WMS produce images with maximum dimensions of 2000 x 1500 pixels. These dimensions reflect the concern for offering an image of acceptable resolution while considering the capacity and performance of WMS servers that have to respond adequately to all queries.

Data layers

  List of layers

These data correspond to the most recent data and are constantly updated. Every element can be selected and basic information is displayed.

OGC standard WMS 1.3.0

Static layers

  List of layers

These static images are generally the result of a data synthesis of data and are generally updated once a year.

URLhttp://sigeom.mines.gouv.qc.ca/ApolloCatalogWMSPublic/service.svc/get?version=1.3.0&layers=CARTE_INTERACTIVE Copy
OGC standard WMS 1.1.1
Descriptionhttp://sigeom.mines.gouv.qc.ca/ApolloCatalogWMSPublic/service.svc/get?version=1.3.0&layers=CARTE_INTERACTIVE request=getcapabilities&service=wmsOpen

URL for data with feature information : http://sigeom.mines.gouv.qc.ca/SIGEOM_WMS/service.svc/get?
Data Layer name Description

URL for rasters : http://sigeom.mines.gouv.qc.ca/ApolloCatalogWMSPublic/service.svc/get?version=1.3.0&layers=CARTE_INTERACTIVE
Data Layer name Description